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Ringing in the South Fork Bridge

Mid-December is not traditionally ribbon-cutting season for large infrastructure projects - at least not in Northwestern Montana. However, the long-awaited South Fork Bridge was due to open and the Canyon Community (located just outside Glacier National Park) wanted to take this momentous occasion to raise funds for a special cause. State Senator Dee Brown approached the Montana Department of Transportation about holding the celebration in December; this timing opened the door to fundraising possibilities for the local Hungry Horse Fire and Martin City Fire departments.

With a nod from the Montana Department of Transportation, Senator Brown, along with a delegation of dedicated locals, swept into action and began selling raffle tickets. What for? The honor of being the first to drive across the newly opened South Fork Bridge on ribbon cutting day. Recognizing a unique opportunity to engage with the community after several years of impactful construction, Montana Department of Transportation and the project's prime contractor, Sletten Construction, opted to turn this ribbon cutting into something special.

Enter Big Sky Public Relations, and more specifically, our uber-talented Junior Account Executive, Mackenzie Reiss. Mackenzie turned what could have been a frozen affaire into a festive holiday party that was attended by hundreds. And I do mean hundreds - our parking team estimated approximately 250 folks set foot on the bridge on the big day. Fire trucks decked out with holly, a trolley full of holiday spirit, hot drinks, and warm hearts literally had people dancing in the streets.

It makes me want to hold all our ribbon cuttings in the winter. Okay, no, it doesn't. But the South Fork Bridge ribbon cutting is a perfect example of how a challenging environment can be turned into an advantage with the right perspective and a little resilience.

Video produced by Sky Vault.

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