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Media Relations

Many recognize earned media coverage is critical to building awareness and shaping perception. It’s often the fastest, most powerful channel for gaining third-party credibility. However, few secure the volume of coverage necessary to fully leverage this channel.  We get it – it’s complicated. Our team has years of experience working with the media to land those big stories – both locally and nationally. We have great relationships with the media, understand the news cycle, and can work with organizations to identify newsworthy stories. Let Big Sky Public Relations partner with your organization to gain consistent, compelling and accurate coverage to genuinely connect, build relationships, and complete the projects that benefit communities.

Public Involvment

Driving positive community changes often requires public involvement. Big Sky Public Relations approaches this process strategically and empathetically, employing the scientific methodology developed by Hans and Annemarie Bleiker of the Institute of Participatory Planning and Management.

Community Relations

Organizations that educate, listen, and serve have the greatest potential for positive influence in a community. These entities make progress and complete projects without sacrificing reputation and trust. At Big Sky Public Relations, community is a core value, and we’re passionate about it. Assisting our clients to genuinely connect with neighbors and stakeholders is an honor, whether it’s a highway construction project or a campaign for local change.  From developing educational materials to facilitating open houses, Big Sky Public Relations empowers organizations. 


The team at Big Sky Public Relations has years of experience planning complex events in a variety of sectors. We plan events from the ground up, ensuring a creative, quality experience that reinforces organizational messaging and values and gains new awareness. Fundraisers, conferences, and athletic events – we do it all (with the exception of weddings – we do love the cake though).


A crisis can strike any organization, at any time. How a crisis is handled has a profound effect on public perception. A brand’s reputation can actually be improved through proper crisis management or permanently damaged. Big Sky Public Relations assists organizations in every aspect of crisis communications including crisis plan development, media training, messaging during a crisis, fielding media inquiries, and media tracking. Let us prepare your brand to turn a potential crisis into an opportunity to build trust.


Audiences today sift through more information and distraction on a daily basis than any generation to date. Frankly, it’s difficult to cut through the clutter when trying to differentiate yourself as an expert. Big Sky Public Relations secures desirable public platforms and then equips experts to stand out from the crowd. Big Sky Public Relations knows how to position experts in the limelight, developing influence and opportunity with key audiences. Whether it’s a media interview or a speaking engagement, we do the legwork to get you in the door. And don’t worry – we know that interviews and public speaking are stressful (public speaking still tops the charts for general phobias…ahead of death). Fear not. Big Sky Public Relations provides the training that prepares an organization’s experts and speakers to nail key messages and deliver an influential message.


Trade shows are a huge investment of resources for any organization – both of time and money. It’s an investment that should be leveraged on all fronts including media outreach. On behalf of our savvy clients, Big Sky Public Relations handles the details and conducts outreach to media outlets roving the trade show floor. We schedule in-person media interviews and industry appointments while managing all the event details and we’re happy to pick up lunch for the team.


Mainstream marketing and advertising are not the main focus at Big Sky Public Relations, but we are equipped to provide these services in conjunction with a public relations campaign. We know that organizations often need video content, marketing materials or social media advertising to support a campaign and few want to work with multiple creative agencies. Let us make your life easier. Our team has developed and managed advertising buys for multiple municipal and private entities. We have created brand videos, websites, and marketing materials in partnership with team of amazing creative subcontractors. We also have a great network of top-notch firms for our clients seeking referrals to a creative agency.

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