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No matter how much I champion work/life balance, I’m not the best at executing it myself. If I’m not working, I love thinking about work and this has morphed into a round-the-clock pattern for me. However, the more Big Sky Public Relations grows, and the more complex our schedule and plans, the clearer it becomes that I simply cannot do without fun.

I’m slowly learning that to be my best, I must make time for undivided play – even on the busiest days. This week was packed with variety, challenge and connection. We were on the road all week kicking off public relations outreach for MDT’s Madison Street Bridge Rehabilitation in Missoula, participating in the Market Montana Symposium, and conducting media training.

At the end of a week like this one, full of meetings, new people and great ideas, I’m both physically exhausted and emotionally recharged. Sometimes in the midst of all this amazingness, it’s easy to get lost in strategy and planning – dreaming and worrying. It’s easy to skip out on play.

This week, I was reminded to celebrate the moment when Nathan found a painted piano in Missoula’s downtown corridor. He sat down and made those keys sing. It was the perfect minute of play in between meetings. And it was sweet. It reminded me of that wonderful and worn expression from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

So jam out to your favorite song, go hiking before the snow falls, ride your horse at Herron Park. Play video games at the office for twenty minutes. Turn your phone off and talk to an old friend over coffee. Heck – take Friday afternoon off on me (Josh – this one is for you). We have but today so work hard but please, play hard too. ~Courtenay

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