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  • Brietta Russell, Summer Assistant

Young Professionals Poised to Better Our Communities

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

As sophomore year came to an end, I anticipated my summer internship at Big Sky Public Relations. I was elated to get my foot in the door with a professional company.

Both of my parents are involved in the Flathead community, and in high school I would occasionally overhear parts of conversations pertaining to Big Sky Public Relations. This led me to discover the work BSPR has done and I was quickly impressed. I noticed the opportunity to apply for an internship and knew I wanted to be a part of the agency.

Student learning plays a vital role at Big Sky Public Relations. Providing students with an opportunity to strengthen their professional skills is something the team strives for. As of 2018, BSPR has offered a summer internship to college students, allowing them to grow in a professional environment.

Big Sky Public Relations invests in student learning because the team sees value in ensuring students understand real life situations. There is a significant difference between academic learning environments and workplace learning environments. My work doesn’t reflect me anymore. What I produce for the agency directly reflects BSPR and their clients.

Gratitude is an important value to the Big Sky team, and paying it forward is a theme I noticed in my discussion with Katie Klietz.

Katie says, “I had a handful of mentors who truly changed the trajectory of my career. These were internship advisors who challenged me professionally and academic advisors who encouraged me to grow personally. I wouldn't be where I am without those folks and hope to provide some of that same guidance and support to young professionals through our program.”

Big Sky Public Relations empowers us to take on important tasks that eventually become client deliverables. Myself and the other interns are made to feel like we are a part of the team. We see what the profession of public relations looks like day-to-day. The summer position is tailored towards our individual goals, and the opportunities we are granted are often in line with what we personally want to grow in and achieve.

I asked Katie for three things she wanted each student intern to walk away with when their summer experience ends. “Confidence, tangible skills to take to the next job opportunity, and a sense of community.”

One of the goals for my time at Big Sky is to strengthen my written communication skills and leave with a few strong professional writing samples. In the five days I’ve spent in the office, I’ve already received opportunities to start working towards that goal. I’m looking forward to growing with the team this summer.

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