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What it means to be a hero

Meet Will Allen. He's a real life, local Montana hero. A firefighter at Glacier Park International Airport, Will spends his days preparing to save lives. He also served in the armed forces prior to putting on his fireman's hat.

This Sunday, Will, along with 2000 of his brother and sister firefighters, plans to climb 69 flights (1300 stairs!), in full fire gear at the world famous event known as the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb in Seattle. Completing this climb is an incredible feat and each of these public servants is climbing with purpose, to support those facing leukemia and lymphoma. They're all climbing to raise funds for research, for a cure. Funds raised will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, which is run completely by volunteers meaning every single dollar Will raises goes to families facing one of these cancers.

During my interview with Will, featured below, he shared something that should resonate for all of us.

"When you're a public servant, you're really never off duty. As a public servant, I think it's part of the job to serve others and better their lives. when I'm off the clock, too"

Will is in the business of saving lives, of sacrifice and of putting others first. He's a perfectly normal guy and at the same time, he's an inspiring, real-life example of what it means to be a hero.

This climb is an opportunity for each of us to partner with Will and to be a part of that life-saving mission. Every, single dollar makes a difference and we at Big Sky Public Relations are proud to be one of Will's supporters. We invite you to join us in supporting Will's climb for the cure. Click HERE to pledge to Will's climb.

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