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Team Building Under the Big Sky

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

In past blog posts, we discussed the strong bond that builds the foundation for our team’s success. Our team meetings are consistent opportunities to grow the connection between each of our staff members. The start of each meeting kicks off with a team-building question.

Take a glimpse into our most recent meeting and get to know our team!

What is one interesting fact about yourself that gives some insight into who you are?

Becca MacLean, our Account Executive based out of Missoula, has lived in four different states. She says that living in Florida, Georgia, Washington, and Montana has had a huge impact on her life. From spending her youth in the southern states, then attending

school in Seattle, and now raising her family in Montana, each place and its people have

left a mark on Becca’s personality and outlook.

Kaitlin Byrnes, our Media Coordinator based out of Missoula, described herself as very compassionate and caring to everyone she meets, even if she has only known them a short time. She expressed that some people are not accustomed to how friendly she is,

but she ultimately thinks life is too short to not be kind to every person you come across.

Amy Yatsuk, our Graphic Designer based out of Whitefish, shared that she is deadline and efficiency-oriented. Yatsuk also mentioned that she only feels productive when juggling at least five things at once.

Takami Clark, our Account Manager based out of Bozeman, described her determination in even the most ordinary of tasks. She recently worked through a cookbook in sequential order from beginning to end. Clark says she does this with all

projects, and even works through every possibility in “choose your own adventure” books.

Amy Aiello, our Marketing and Project Manager based out of Spokane, told the team she comes from a family of Italian cheesemakers. Her grandfather and his family came from Naples, Italy and opened a cheese-making shop in New York. She thinks it gives

great insight into her lifelong love of cheese.

Courtenay Sprunger, our CEO and founder based out of Kalispell, expressed her love for idea generation and big picture thinking. She is always excited to flex her idea muscle, but shared gratitude for team members who help her cross the finish line and track


Katie Klietz, our CXO based out of Missoula, discussed her new role as a coach for a fourth-grade girls’ track and distance running club. She called it one of her best experiences in life. Klietz appreciates the opportunity to encourage girls to use running to

meet personal goals and have fun rather than feeling the pressure of intense


Sloane Stinson, our Account Executive based out of Great Falls, connected her answer back to her roots in Canada, where she was born and raised. She says she is still very much the classic Canadian, apologies, accent and all.

Olivia Simas, our Creative Coordinator based out of Missoula, described her specific passions. She has seen her favorite band, The Avett Brothers, over 30 times and even has upcoming plans to see their new musical. Not stopping there, she has seen her

favorite Broadway musical 17 times and claimed she could do a one-woman show

featuring every beat of choreography and verse of lyrics, but saved it for another time.

Kim Casey, our newest Account Executive based out of Helena, loves to use cooking to express her love and care to others. She feels that cooking delicious food is the best way to show appreciation to the people in her life.

Paulina Crum, our Account Assistant based out of Kalispell, loves diving into research wormholes. She sees learning as a never-ending journey. Her best example is (no surprise) her lifelong learning of all things horses. She has spent countless hours learning

the sport of riding and researching the histories of horsemanship, breed origin stories

and horse genetics.

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