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Returning home to the state I love to build a business in public relations was a risky move – far from the traditional path for our industry. However, a pioneering spirit and love for Montana are my heritage (my mother’s family homesteaded the Lower Valley five generations ago). I could think of no better place than Big Sky Country to blaze a trail and pursue my passion.

Six years after returning to Montana, and just three years after launching the “local edition” of Big Sky Public Relations, we’re thriving. We recently increased our staff with a project manager and account coordinator, both Montana natives. (Welcome Nathan Sprunger and Josh Galassi – you’ll hear more from them soon!) Our staff also appreciates the support of two incredibly talented contractors who help us with content creation and business development. We’re working statewide on a wide range of projects that benefit Montanans. It feels as if the sky truly is limit. We’re blessed to see the hard work paying off. It’s one of the best things about Montana – hard work translates into real results. The Montana Governor’s Office of Economic Development calls people to #ChooseMontana where there’s “Big Sky + Big Opportunity,” and I have to agree. It’s been true for us and we are passionate about building new opportunities for others.

At Big Sky PR, we choose the clients who are making a practical, tangible difference for Montana​. We’re committed to “progress projects” – and while we’ve managed public relations in everything from high fashion to insurance – ​today we’re almost solely focused on work in community and economic development, state infrastructure and non-profits. We’re growing our business in a few different directions including public involvement, public awareness, media relations, and event coordination and we’re doing it for organizations that make Montana better. Improving life for our friends and neighbors is an incredible motivator.

That, and we’re located in the backyard of Glacier Park, named Crown of the Continent, on the shores of Flathead Lake, an absolute jewel and the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Needless to say, I consider it the best spot on earth. The open sky reminds me, when it’s hard and I’m tired, why my ancestors gutted it out here. The best part? We’re not pioneering alone. Many creative firms such as Spur Studio, Learned Reality, Wheelie Creative and White Cliff Productions are making their mark in Montana. They’re proof that if you’re up for big snows and long drives, hot summer days and hardy handshakes, there are incredible business AND recreation opportunities in Montana. I encourage you to ask them why they #ChooseMontana.

Montanans have always been pioneers, homesteaders, and trailblazers. It is because of the amazing Montana women and men who have sacrificed, sweat, dreamed big dreams and overcome their fears for more than a hundred years that I am able to build a business here. I hope through our work we can be part of doing the same for the next generation.

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