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 2016 A Wild Time - For Those Who Love the Land

Challenge: For four years, Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation, a statewide fundraising organization, has hosted a benefit to raise funds for wildlife research and conservation. In both 2013 and 2014 the event lost money after its initial expansion, leaving foundation leadership at a loss as to how to attract the right kind of donors. 


Approach: In 2016, Big Sky Public Relations took over management, rebranding it and reformatting the event. To attract the right donors, Big Sky Public Relations shaped messaging and placed adverting with key outlets in print, broadcast and digital media to connect with engaged donors. 


Results: For the first time since the event’s expansion, the newly branded “A Wild Time” raised significant funds in 2016, with a final tally of  $40,000. Perhaps more importantly, many attendees emphasized for the the first time a strong understanding of Montana Outdoor Legacy Foundation’s mission and the value of their work, opening the door to ongoing partnerships and long-term donors.


What our clients say:  “The team at Big Sky Public Relations is not only great to work with but have the commitment and knowledge to tackle a wide variety of public relation opportunities.   We are so happy we hired them to coordinate A Wild Time.”

- Jane Ratzlaff, Executive Director of Montana's Outdoor Legacy Foundation

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