February-October 2016:

Knife River - Bench Boulevard Reconstruction, Billings, MT 

Challenge: Like prior phases of the Bench Boulevard reconstruction, this phase cuts through the heart of residential Billings-Heights, limiting access for residents, businesses and through traffic. Knife River contracted Big Sky Public Relations to create a wide-reaching public launch and community outreach program to limit inconveniences and build stronger communication with impacted parties. 

Resolution: The campaign was highly successful, garnering earned media on television, radio and in print. Equally successfully were direct outreach to the community such as canvassing, email update subscription services, website briefs, and immediate resolution of stakeholder concerns.

What our clients say: 

“Knife River is working with Big Sky Public Relations on a large Montana Dept. of Transportation urban infrastructure improvement in Billings. The project is rebuilding a busy two-mile stretch of road with lots of residential issues and a few sensitive commercial businesses. They put together a solid and multifaceted Public Awareness Campaign to reach the public through normal media outlets such as newspaper, radio, TV, and web. The campaign also went beyond the basics and used other outlets such as email updates, USPS mailers, face-to-face contact with residents to really inform as many people as possible. Big Sky is very professional and organized – issues have come up with resident questions and complaints, and they have been skillfully handled. Big Sky came with past MDT project experience, and also with a good past working relationship with key MDT people in Helena that has helped the project.” 
-Doug Teller, Knife River Project Manager


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